Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Pledge Regarding your Information
We understand that information about you and your personal details are personal. PaperTanks are dedicated to maintaining the privacy and integrity of your personal information. Personal Information is information about you that may be used to identify you (such as your name, social security number, or address), and that relates to (a) bank details, (b) gender, email address, or (c) your past, present, or future educational institutions and plans. We need these records to provide you with quality care and to comply with certain federal and state legal requirements.

Collecting your Personal Information
PaperTanks gathers individual information from the users. Such information is gathered strictly for the use of the PaperTanks business and strictly for its own information for the benefit of the PaperTanks business. In this regard PaperTanks undertakes to adhere to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth.)

PaperTanks also recognises that users have a right to control and manage how their own information is gathered and applied or utilized provided, however, that any such use does not contravene the provisions of any terrorist act offences (either in Australia or globally) nor any other applicable laws and regulations of Australia. Subject to this proviso, PaperTanks is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and the confidentiality of personal data, traffic data, and communication content absolutely.
Please read the Terms and Policies Carefully. When you use this website, you confirmed that you have read, understood, and agreed to be confined by the Policies, Terms, and Conditions set forth herein.
I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood the Policies, Terms, and Conditions outlined in this document.

Information Collection and Use
We need information from our users at several different times on the website this can only for login customer service and contact purpose, and also so that we may customize the website according to individual selections.

Primary information gathered is contact phone numbers of users or individuals who utilize the PaperTanks website, for example, contact numbers, email address, name, address, date of birth, University, gender and such other information PaperTanks in its own judgment deems necessary to enable us provide optimum service to users. PaperTanks gathers most of this information upon user sign-up to the website. This useful personal information or data is collected when users sign-up for PaperTanks services.

We gather the greater part of this data specifically from people when they sign-up as users of our website. This useful personal information or data are collected when individual’s sign-up for our services. In the event that you get in touch with us, we may keep a record of that contact.
PaperTanks is the sole owner of the personal information collected from this website.

Non-Personal Information
PaperTanks is also able to collect non –personal identifiable information including IP Address, profile information, aggregate user data and browser type from their users.
Papertanks also collects Automatically Generated Information from all users. This information consists of your surfing behaviour on the platform, such as the web pages you visit, how long you stay on certain web pages, what you download and/or upload and the use you make of your Profile.

PaperTanks will not disclose personal information unnecessarily to employees or any third party, except the effected individual consents.

Cookies Policy
PaperTanks may use cookies to maintain our users’ sessions and to save preferences and tracking data.

Cookies may be controlled either you register with us or not. “Cookies” are small text files carried by a web server to your hard drive and after that saved on your computer. The kinds of information a cookie receive include the date and time you attended, your browsing records, your likings, and your username. Most web programs are set to acknowledge cookies. In the event that you don’t wish to get any cookies, you may set your program to deny them, however this may mean you won’t have the capacity to exploit the administrations on the website since some areas of the site may not function properly.

In some situations, our third-party service providers use cookies on the website. We cannot control cookies used by third party service providers. This Privacy Policy relates only cookies used by us and not any cookies used by third parties.

Using and Sharing your Personal Data
Our reason for gathering information about you is to enable us thrive to provide you superior services. We do not provide your individual data to a third-party. However, in certain cases we may provide this information to specific organizations for marketing purposes for products and services that might be of interest to you. This is only done however, where you have given PaperTanks consent to be reached by those organizations or by us.

In the event that you don’t wish to receive such information from us, you may request that we remove your name from our mailing list by messaging us at On the other hand, when we send you such information by email, you can utilize the unsubscribe button in the email to inform us that you don’t wish to get such data from us by email. In either case, please permit 28 days for your request to be processed.

We won’t utilize or disclose any personal information about you without your assent, unless:

  • required by law, to respond to subpoena, search warrant or other legal processes
  • it is allowed by this Privacy Policy
  • we trust it important to give you products or services you have requested
  • it is important to execute our terms of service
  • it is important to ensure the rights, property or individual security of a PaperTanks worker, another PaperTanks client, the general public or PaperTanks
  • some or the majority of the business have changed ownership by means of sale or merger In the same way as other organizations, we patronise the services of other businesses to help us boost the quality and effectiveness of our service and our business operations. This implies people and associations outside of PaperTanks, for example, self-employed entities and specialists, mail-houses, electronic database administrators, credit administrators etc., will have access to individual data held by PaperTanks when deemed necessary and may utilize it in the interest of PaperTanks. We require our third-party service providers to adhere to strict privacy policies and not to keep this data or use it for any unapproved purposes.

Access to Personal Information
Upon request, we will give you access to personal information we hold about you, unless under certain circumstances as indicated in our privacy policy, it is allowed for us to withhold this information.

When you make a request to get to your personal information, we will request that you provide us with some form of identification so we can confirm that you are the individual to whom the information relates. A fee may be charged to cover the expenses relating to accessing the information in some cases. Please allow 14 working days for the request to be processed.

Updating and Deleting Personal Information
If you wish to update your personal information on the website because it is inaccurate or outdated, please get in touch with us by sending a message at and we will correct or update your information. Likewise, if you wish to have your personal information deleted or removed from our database, please contact us and we will take reasonable steps and procedure to delete it unless we have to keep it for legal, auditing and internal risk purposes.

Storage and Security of your Personal Information
PaperTanks will endeavour to keep secure any information that we hold about you, whether electronically or in printed copy, and to keep this information as secured and accurate as possible. Electronic or hard copy information that we hold will be put away on secured servers that are protected in controlled security facilities/units. PaperTanks may likewise store a percentage of the data in PaperTanks client relationship management systems. PaperTanks and the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) require PaperTanks’ representatives/employees and information processors to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by PaperTanks.
We may use external or overseas storage facilities to serve as a backup for or data. This may require the transfer of your personal data to these external or overseas facilities for storage or processing. Nonetheless, the safety of your information is rest assured.

Financial Information
This notice applies to all of the financial records generated by PaperTanks. All financial records created will be held confidentially by PaperTanks, unless required by law to disclose the information.
Financial Information Disclosure
PaperTanks will only use your financial information to transact business with you and for everyday business purposes of the company. We will not share this information with any affiliates or non-affiliates.

Breach of Privacy
In the event that Papertanks gets information of any progressing concerns or issues concerning our privacy policy, PaperTanks will consider these issues important and work to address these challenges. If you have any further questions or queries on our Privacy Policy, or you have an issue, please get in touch with us at

Amendments/updates/Modification of our Private Policy
PaperTanks’ dedication to being a main provider of academic services implies that our business will keep on evolving as PaperTanks respond to client needs. On account of this, PaperTanks approaches will be evaluated and might be re-examined every now and then. PaperTanks maintains whatever authority is needed to change its Privacy Policy whenever. We will post any upgrades of our Privacy Policy on our site. The corrected Privacy Policy will apply regardless of whether PaperTanks have given you particular notification of any change.

User Log-ins and Password
Users can play an essential role in keeping your own information secure by maintaining and protecting the confidentiality of any secret key/password/codes used on our website. Please endeavour to alert us immediately you feel or are aware that there is an unauthorised use of your account by other internet users or any other beach of your account security. Alternatively, you can log into your account and change your user login details whenever you detect a breach. For the purposes of accessing PaperTanks website you will be issued with a client user name and password. You are in charge of the security of your password and login details. Please be informed that the user name you choose will be linked to any user content you upload or decide to contribute to the website

PaperTanks’ website may contain links, if clicked, will navigate you to the websites of third parties which is outside of Papertanks’ administration or control. These links are not under the control of PaperTanks, and accordingly PaperTanks cannot accept and responsibility of any adverse events occurring as a result of visiting such sites. Before revealing your own data on whatever other site, PaperTanks encourage you to read the Terms and Conditions of those sites. Papertanks accepts no responsibility or liability for the operations and contents of third-party websites.

Access termination or restriction
PaperTanks reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your access to the website or the similar services without notice.

Entire Agreement
These Terms placed out the entire agreement between you and us concerning its subject matter and supersede all former communications.

Applicable Law
These Terms are governed by the law of Australia. The parties submit to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the courts and its appellate courts.
Questions or Complaints
If you have any questions about this Notice of Privacy Practice, please contact